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Defining Our Privacy Policy

uPVC Windows North Yorkshire

  • What information do we collect through our website?
  • Both personal and technical data may be collected with each visit that you make to our website.  

    1. Our data gathering methods

    Our website uses a number of ways to collect information from visitors;

    • Visitors have the choice of registering for our services using the forms that are provided on our site. The information that is gathered using this method includes personal data
    • Names and personal details are also collected each time that you get in touch with us using email or through the Contact Us section of our website.
    • Our website also uses cookies to collect information from visitors.
    • Technical information is automatically collected every time that you browse through our website. This includes data about your IP configuration
    • We also collect information about your visit
    1. How we use the collected information

    The information that we collect on our uPVC Windows North Yorkshire website may be used in the following ways:

    • To enable you to better interact with our site through the use of cookies that are designed to personalise your browsing experience.
    • To use your browsing history to provide you with advertisements and offers that are suited to your preferences.
    • The information that you provide through “Sign Up” or “Contact Us” forms may be used to offer you the services that you have requested from us.
    • Collected data may also be used to improve the technical aspects of our website in order to offer you a memorable experience the next time that you visit.
    • The information may also be used to provide you with marketing and survey material that is deemed to be in line with your preferences.
    • Information about users who subscribe to our services is used to keep them updated about promotions and offers.
    • The data that we collect at uPVC Windows North Yorkshire is also used to maintain a record of the work that we have carried out on your behalf and to invoice you for rendered services.


    1. Our Cookie Policy

    Cookies are small files that are stored on a person’s computer following a visit to a website. Along with the majority of commercial sites

    1. Passwords

    Where we ask you to choose a password


    1. Storage of collected information

    The information that we collect may be transferred to


    1. Sharing of user data

    By providing us with your personal information

    • The data may transferred within uPVC Windows North Yorkshire and its subsidiaries
    • In the event that the company is sold
    • The information may also be shared as part of legal proceedings that involve either our company or the user.
    • We may also contact a third party to provide you with the services that you have requested
    • User data may also be shared at your own request
    • Although we do not share personal data


    1. Telephone calls

    In order to improve our services


    1. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

    Using our website means that you have read through


    1. Our contact details

    If you have any queries

    • Phone number: 0800 772 3816